Taste our crunchy soft brownies!

April 25 to April 26, 2015
The Reef
1933 South Broadway Street
Los Angeles CA 90007

We will be at LA Artisinal's Spring 2015 Show. Say hi to us at Knight Owl Coffee's booth.

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Our Mission

Gluten free AND Egg free AND Dairy free AND Soy free AND Nut free!
Both my daughters are allergic to gluten, eggs, dairy, nuts (including coconuts) and soy. Whenever I went to the store or bakery and saw gluten free, I was excited. Maybe my daughters would be able to eat these products! Excitement was fleeting because when I looked more carefully, the items would always have eggs in them or would have dairy or would have soy or would have nuts or coconuts. So we could never buy anything.

Disappointed, I would return home empty handed and start baking. I've baked so many birthday cupcakes, easter treats, brownies that now I want to bring these items to you!

When my girls were first diagnosed, I freaked out about the soy, eggs and the wheat. How were we to eat Chinese food? Everything is marinated in soy and eggs. And my favorite thing in the world are potstickers. How would we ever get to eat those again? With lots of research and trial and error, I developed a wonton skin recipe and it tastes amazing! Hope you can try it!